Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ugh, I am so tired. It is nearly 2 am, and I have just now finished my homework (sort of). The worst part is that I have to be back up in four and a half hours now. Double ugh.
Anyway, since I can never go straight from homework to bed and sleep (fall asleep on my book, yes. Move to my bed and sleep, no.), I figured I would post something.

So, my brain is not functional right now; here is a link to a very funny description of what moving from biking on tarmac to biking on trails would require.
Click here

The next time that I have time, energy, and internet simultaneously, I will post about some of my experiences biking around the university campus.

Oh, also my apologies for not passing on the award. I blame the evil quarter system. Perhaps I should post about that one day too; I have theories.

The field had been getting increasingly solemn and grandiose, and to my eyes was long overdue for a good lampooning. (Anything or anyone who falls into the trap of taking themselves too seriously is fair game for this, …)
- Robert Asprin

G'night all

P.S. Blessed, I was just thinking about how you used to sing for us at night; I miss it.


Blessed said...

I'm a little out of practice - but with Lil Sugar getting bigger I'm sure I'll be making up nighttime lullabies again soon.

Here's one for you...

Goodnight my muse, goodnight sweet sis, sleep tight tonight, sleep tight all night - I wish, I was there and it was the weekend so goodnight sweet sis good night!

(ok - any musical fans out there - do you know where that came from?)

The Random Muse said...

Thanks Blessed.

A glance at my world said...

Thanks for the comment! Happy Valentine's Day :)