Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Song of Sun Tea

This was originally posted on my other blog and was lost along with everything else, but Blessed remembered that it was saved to her computer and salvaged it for the world to see.

The Song of Sun Tea

The warmth of the sun
The richness of its rays
Upon me they shine
And enrichen my tone

The clear tasteless liquid I am
Turns to golden delight
As on the porch rail I sit
And soak in the suns beam

My golden shadow grows long
As the time passes by
My golden heart beats strong
The time now has come

My fluid heart cries out
To those within
They check their watches
And scurry out the door

They see my ripened color
And the sun-glow within
They know it is time
For me to come in

On the counter I sit
As I am sweetened with care
The love in my heart grows strong
As the sugar settles in

Oh no – they’ve turned
They’ve walked away
Come back and drink me
My liquid heart cries out

My golden heart starts to break
And a tear forms in my eye
Then I see them return
With a glass, some ice

Oh joy has returned
As I pour out my all
For this human who set me
Where I did brew in the sun

My mission fulfilled
I slide down their throat
Their desire has been satisfied
Their soul is refreshed

Would you know pure contentment
On this globe of despair
Pour a glass of pure gold
And share it with a friend

Bring someone to the pleasure
Of a glass of liquid sunlight
And join in the delight
Of ice cold sun tea

By The Muse, Blessed & our freshly brewed jar of sun tea

Thanks Blessed for editing my profile photo for me.


Li'l Ol' Me said...

I take it back. I do remember this.

Blessed said...

you're welcome

Sue said...

Love the poem.