Saturday, February 16, 2008


There have been a few things that I have wanted to blog about this week, but I did not have time, so this my be a long post.

First,I participated in the Valentine's Day Swap, over at Island Life. My parter, a wonderful woman named Sue who blogs over at Living My Dream, sent me a lovely package. I wish I could show you a picture, but alas, I cannot, so description it is. The first thing out of the box was a set of Sweet Pea scented lotion, shower gel, and bubble bath. Next a pad of pink sticky notes with a really neat border emerged. A gigantic homemade chocolate kiss was next - seriously, it is over three inches tall and weighs more than 6 ounces - it's very good. The last thing in the box was a suspicious flattened object which turned out to be a package of Ferraro Rocher chocolates. All of this was wrapped up and packed in lovely red tissue paper with white and pink hearts all over it which made the package very festive in a Valentinesy sort of way.

Single But Not Alone
Also far more serious than I like to be in public, but here goes.
Growing up, I have known a lot of people who equated their value with their “relationships.” Young girls, even at twelve and thirteen and even younger, devoted much of their time and energy to drawing the eyes of the young boys. Older girls, who were still way too young to marry, would actively bemoan the fact that they did not have a boyfriend. These were girls who had many friends, both male and female, and good, supportive parents. I have watched people who at 18 and 19 were so eager to marry that they sacrificed many things which had previously been at the center of who they were in the search for a partner. All of this because they did not want to be alone.
I am quite distinctly single, but by no means am I alone. I am in my early twenties and have never had a serious boyfriend. I still have no prospects. In fact there seems to be a serious famine in the area of single, intelligent, Godly young men. However, there are many people who love me and are there for me when I need them.
Since it was Valentine’s which started me on this line of thought, I will start there. On Wednesday evening, I got home from school to find a red rose in a bud vase with a white teddy bear holding it sitting on the table waiting for me. My father had come twenty minutes out of his way from dropping my grandparents off at the airport to remind my sister and me that we were his special girls. There was also a large cardboard heart of chocolates from my grandparents. Also, my younger sister, who does not have a job, bought me a small box of chocolates. Also, I got a text and an email from a couple of friends wishing me a Happy Singles Awareness Day. That evening a couple in the church invited the youth group over for carne asada.
That was a holiday yes, but it does not stop there. I have the most wonderful Daddy a girl could ever ask for. He loves his girls, and even though he doesn’t talk much, he makes sure we know that we are one of the most important things in his world. I have a sweet Mother. I have a best friend that I can, and do, call at 2 am just because I am frustrated with my life and need someone to talk to. I have three sisters who put up with me and occasionally tell me to snap out of it.
Now, I know that not everyone has as strong of a support network as I do. But there is one thing that is even bigger than what I have already said. I know that God has a plan for my life. If He wants me to marry (which I think that He does), then somewhere out there is the man for me. I do not want to rush it and stumble into something that I will regret later.

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.
-Prov 4:23 KJV


Blessed said...

Good post - Let me know the next time I can tell you to snap out of it - I have sooo much fun telling you that! ;)

Li'l Ol' Me said...

~Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

I KNEW we had issues!!
Sorry, that was obligatory. ;o)

And you gotta love moments of clarity such as that. Sounds like you had a lovely day. :o)

Sue said...

Glad you liked your package.

You have a great outlook and a wonderful family. I have always wanted to get married, but it was because of a desire for a family rather than a fear of being alone. You're right that it does you no good to settle for something that will not make and keep you happy.

Lawrence said...

Thats a very lovely set of thoughts you had there.