Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted in so long, but I have been busy at school learning very important things, like the fact that there is an animal whose Latin name means "Vampire Bat from hell;" and how to create the Lewis structure, VSEPR electron and molecular geometry, valence bonding hybrids, and molecular bonding and antibonding orbitals for a given molecule; and how to find the area under a curve on a given interval or between 2 curves; not to mention all of the things to observe in lab: e-coli, dissolving sponges with bleach and acid, glass sponges with dead shrimp inside that are frequently given as wedding gifts in Japan, the beginnings of several sea urchins whose lives were abruptly snuffed out before they even got done with the serious business of cleavage when I had to wash the microscope slide they were on, worms mating under the TA's microscope which was hooked up to a large screen, and much more. I hope that I learned all of that molecular stuff properly since I had a midterm earlier today. I think that I did half-way decent on it. Actually, the grades should be posted on ilearn by now. Hang on while I go check. ... Not too bad, but I will have to look up the answers tomorrow and see where I went wrong.

Moving on to non-school-related subjects. I got my cloak made last weekend, and wore it a few times during the week. The first time it was pouring rain. For the first little while I was warm and cozy, but the fabric seemed to have the water shedding capacity of a sponge(luecon grade, Class Desmospongia, or maybe Kitchensinkia), so by the time I finally got home, I was soaked, cold, and ready for a good hot shower. A few days later, I washed it, spread it across the floor, and Scotch-guarded it. It hasn't rained properly since, so I don't know if that was effective yet. However, I love it even if it doesn't work for a rain coat; it is like a giant, wearable blanket. Maybe if I can get some pictures I will post them, but that is unlikely, so no holding of breath.

Today's quote has been replaced by this comic:

Good night all


Blessed said...

Love the comic.

Call me and tell me which version of an A you got on the midterm.

Glad the cloak is a good thing - so when are you making the nicer one?

Oh, by the way, I gave you an award.

The Random Muse said...

I will probably not have time to work on the cloak until spring break.

kailani said...

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