Monday, January 21, 2008

Caffine, Cruise-control, and Cloaking Devices

I wanted to spend the entire three-day weekend at home, but unfortunately, there was something I had to do near my trailer Sunday evening at 5:30, as close to smack in the middle of my weekend as possible. Plan B had been to come up on Friday night, spend Saturday here, leave Sunday morning, and have a peaceful, homeworkful Monday.

The first have of that plan went splendidly. I left school at the regular time, went to the trailer, had dinner with my sister, picked up some of my stuff, packed a few things, and finally left only 15 minutes later than planned. (Perhaps that should be more than one sentence.) On the way past Walmart, I stopped and bought 6 (yes six) yards of lovely, soft, heavy, dark country blue/charcoal gray fabric with which to make the first draft of the cloak that I have been planning for the past few months. I arrived home at around 10 (Mom had saved dinner for me since she did not know if I had eaten yet; I love my mom.). Saturday I lounged around, worked on a few things, played games with my family, and in the evening, decided that I did not want to spend Monday alone in the trailer.

This messed up the second half of the plan. Sunday morning I got up and lounged around some more until my family went to church. Then I went to walmart to buy the rest of the bolt of my lovely fabric and picked up a carton of whoppers before heading trailer-ward (remember the whoppers). After the things that I had to do, I arrived back at my trialer at around 9:30 or 10, but instead of being sensible and leaving, I decided to get some work done. As midnight approached I had drunk two and a half cups of tea, consumed three freshly baked cookies and copious amounts of sugar in general, and finally decided it was time to get on the road. So I filled my travel mug with yet more caffeine and sugar, put more cookies in a bag, and gathering my whoppers headed out. For the first twenty miles or so, I was stuck in traffic and eating whoppers by the handful. Finally traffic cleared and I set my cruise control on 82 (a good 8mph above my usual cruising speed) and went for it. I finally arrived home just after 1. Unfortunately, having done its job did not mean that the caffeine was ready to metabolize out of my bloodstream just yet. I did not sleep until 5.

I am still tired.

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