Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bekki tagged me to do this a couple of weeks ago.

ROCKSTAR NAME (first pet, current car): Duke Intrigue
YOUR GANGSTA NAME (fave ice cream flavor, favorite shoe): Vanilla Comfortable, doesn’t sound right. I think I will begin making things up; no one said I have to be honest. Mint Chip Stiletto (better, but not very menacing)
YOUR NATIVE AMERICAN NAME (favorite color, favorite animal): Deep Green Panther
YOUR STAR WARS NAME (the first 3 letters of you last name, first 2 of your first name): Ranch (in the star system I come from it is an old and respected name, I find your salad dressings highly offensive) Musth (which few beings have the anatomy to pronounce correctly.)
SUPER HERO NAME (second favorite color, favorite drink): Blue Water (again I reveal the boringness of my life)
NASCAR NAME (first names of your grandfathers): Billie William (Seriously! Well, before he changed his name it was that. Later it became Michael Billie)
STRIPPER NAME (favorite scent/cologne/perfume, favorite candy): Moonlight Path Ghirardelli Square
TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME (your 5th grade teacher's last name, a major city that starts with the same letter): Brewer Boston
SPY NAME (your favorite season/holiday, fave flower): Winter’s Rose
CARTOON NAME (your favorite fruit, article of clothing you are wearing right now): Apricot Socks
HIPPIE NAME (what you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree): Poptart the-one-in-the-yard-of-the-house-where-I-grew-up

I’m not going to directly tag anyone, but if you feel inspired, consider yourself tagged.

I received several really good suggestions for a new title and have listed them all here for direct comparison.

Musing at Random
Muse Along
“Spend time every day listening to what your Muse is trying to tell you”
“The most potent muse of all is our own inner child.”
The Amus(ed)(ing) Muse
Musings, Chocolate, and Tea
Got Muse?
Muse-ic to my ears...
Random Ruminating Ramblings of a Random
Ruminations of a Muse
Randomly Musing
Just Randomly Musing

Some of them would also make suitable subtitles, or bits for my profile. It is proving to be a hard decision. As of now, the front runner is Muse Along, but I also like Just Randomly Musing and Musing at Random. I keep trying to combine them: Just Musing Along? Being the decisive person I am, I can’t make up my mind.

Today’s quote is a link because I want you to read the whole thing.
On the War on Terror

My bed calls to me. G'night


Blessed said...

I like Muse Along - short and sweet, however, I also like Musings, Chocolate and Tea - but we could work that into a subtitle/tagline

:) Miss you

If Lil Sugar would name your blog it would be - bye bye bye bye bye bye aaaahhhh bye bye bye bye flpppt bye bye bye bye eeeep bye bye bye....

Sue said...

Looks like fun. I may have to try this - in all the free time I have in the next few days.

Lawrence said...

I love some of your names up there, but much more so your comments about them :)