Sunday, June 15, 2008


I survived the finals. The jury is still out on whether or not my GPA did. I am so relieved that it's finally over that I don't really care any more though. Really I don't even have the energy left to be properly excited.

It's not Wednesday evening, but I will now fulfill my promise to post about the beach.
A friend had her birthday party there, so we drove out for the afternoon. I didn't intend to go out past about knee deep, but I was about that far out when a big wave brought a huge seaweed monster that was determined to take it back out with it. I had to drop onto my hands to kick it off. After that I was soaked and cold, so I waded out with a friend rib-deep when the waves weren't coming in. It was such great fun. She taught me how to jump when they hit so that I stayed at right angles to the sand, and we hung out there for about half an hour. Some of the waves went over my head, and I fell over a few times to the great amusement of my friends. The looks on people's faces later when I told them that I can't swim were priceless (I can do the dog paddle and a fairly shoddy backstroke; also, I can only float face down; not much use in breakers). I figured I was safe enough though because I am fairly good at not panicking (It's the panic that usually kills people), and there were enough people from our group out farther than I was that someone would have saved me if I ended up out of my depth. Being out that far makes one all the more aware of how powerful those waves really are. I have watched them crash against the rocks in awe, but those were little (comparatively speaking) waves that were already mostly spent that knocked me clean over and washed me halfway back to the beach.

Since I'm out of school for the summer, I'll hopefully be able to blog a whole lot more consistently. I'm still thinking about the OBS Challenge too.

polysyllabic expressions are marvelously entertaining to employ



Blessed said...

I have your first post assignment over on my blog.

Love you much... me.

Lawrence said...

Sounds like you had alot of fun, I am glad. Maybe in the future you will start to invite me to that sort of thing ;)